When you have advanced enough to be on your own with confidence in the studio, you may request membership which allows you to come during all open hours to work on your own and with other members. During times when classes are running there will be four wheels available for members.

Contact the Instructors or through email at when you are ready for a membership.

Members must have a mandatory orientation with Lissa prior to your first night of active membership.

What’s Included

  • Studio equipment including the wheels and work tables
  • Shelf space to store your tools
  • Exclusive members only glazes and kiln firing
  • Opportunities to grow & learn from other members
  • Fellowship & Fun
  • Access to member-only workshops 
  • Option to participate in special pottery sales events
  • Seasonal get togethers and socials
  • Sitting around the campfire and relaxing with friends
  • Raku workshops

The studio fires to CONE 6. You must purchase clay from the studio. The cost of a bag of clay also covers firing fees and glaze materials. As well we need to ensure that incorrect clays are not accidently used in the kiln which could cause severe damage. Members supply their own tools and bats. You will be provided shelf space to store your tools.

Members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, being responsible, and respectful of other members and their work.  During your orientation you’ll receive a membership handbook and sign the safety agreement.

At this time due to the unsupervised access our membership allows, members must be 16 or older.

$65/month. Paid monthly, or you can set up a recurring payment on credit card.

Membership Fees

Membership acceptance is based on availability of studio equipment & space. Studio memberships fill up fast so if you are interested please reach out today.

Memberships are currently full. If you are interested in membership email Lissa at to be added to the waitlist.

Clay Purchase

Clay used in the studio must be purchased from Fire and Sky. Members see Lissa and use the envelope system for your next bag of clay. Current options include Desert Buff, Red Rock, Bella’s Blend (limited quantites) and 266.

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